Biggest Online Gambling News Today

Biggest Online Gambling News Today

Biggest Online Gambling News Today

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Every day new updates about online gambling and its many aspects catch our attention and thousand others. If you are involved or engaged in the online gambling business, either a provider or a customer, you need to stay updated.

Unfortunately, not all the news coming out is good. Some updates are good news, but really, most of them are bad and even alarming. Here at Xbox Gamers, we want our community and everyone else to be informed.

Chinese Online Gambling Stigma

Featured images Biggest Online Gambling News Today Chinese Online Gambling Stigma - Biggest Online Gambling News Today

All over the world, there are reports about hundreds of Chinese nationals being arrested and detained for illegal online gambling. In the city of Hai Phong, Vietnam, nearly 400 Chinese were busted in July 2019.

Before they were stopped, Vietnam police said the illegal online gambling ring generated over $435m. The suspects were operating the ring at an area with more than 100 rooms that were guarded 24/7.

In Kuala Lumpur, 35 Chinese nationals, men and women, were caught red-handed by police officers running an illegal online gambling operation. According to reports, the group was part of a bigger online gambling syndicate active worldwide. This happened in August of 2019.

Every month, new reports about Chinese nationals being apprehended for running illegal online gambling sites are being released.

Grand Theft Auto Online Casino

Featured images 3 Best Casino Gambling Games on Xbox Grand Theft Auto V Casino Update - Biggest Online Gambling News Today

Grand Theft Auto Online or GTA: Online is one of the biggest video game releases of all time. Rockstar Games outdid their past releases. In July 2019, a new update for the online game was released, the Diamond Casino.

The update includes an addition of the Diamond Casino & Resort in the game. Here, gamers can play real casino games using their in-game money. The in-game casino offers all the best games like slots, roulette, three card poker, and even horse race betting.

The update quickly garnered a lot of positive feedback from both gamers and professionals in the casino industry.

Demand for modern technology in online gambling

There is no telling what’s bigger, the traditional casino or online casino. Both offer big payouts, although online casinos have the edge with bonuses. There might be an answer for that pretty soon.

More and more players are shifting to online gambling. With the integration of the latest technology in online gaming, things are getting more engaged. We’re not even talking about online slots, that’s old news.

These days, people are focused on new ideas for live online casinos. Many are also into the idea of digital currency being accepted at many online casinos. More developments regarding these topics are sure to surface. Stay updated and learn more.

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