Write for Xbox Gamers

Write for Xbox Gamers

On an average day, we publish more than 20 written materials on our online magazine. We also monitor and manage our social media engagement non-stop. Not only that, we release at least one or two video infographics daily.

We need your help. It’s not that we are running out of ideas, we’re just running low and cool down is taking long. We’ve received several messages from several members from the Xbox Gamers online community. Most of them are asking if they can share some of their ideas for us to write about.

We regret not prioritizing these inputs earlier, but we are now. We are now accepting volunteers to write for us.

What to write about?

Most of those reading this are probably aware of what Xbox Gamers is all about. But for those new here, here we go.

Xbox Gamers writes and publishes content discussing the latest news in the video gaming industry. We are aware that this is a broad topic to talk about and there are hundreds of subjects to write about daily.

We talk about the latest releases in different gaming consoles as well as new updates and DLCs. Xbox Gamers is also active in monitoring all the latest developments among the giant companies in the casino gaming industry.

Right now, we are focusing on the latest milestones in the online gambling realm. There is so much to talk about like interactive slots, live casino online, online betting, and so much more.

So, if it’s related to video gaming and online gaming, we want to hear about it.

How to apply

We are inviting everyone to give it a shot. We have posted all the requirements on our homepage.

The process starts with an email submission from applicants. In it, we require everyone to submit a portfolio or resume of their writing experience and capabilities. You guys can also include your professional resume for more information.

We also require you to submit at least 2 writing samples of any video gaming topic you want to write about. Please keep the topic and the copy authentic and based on facts and research. Let’s leave fiction to fantasy games.

That’s it. We will then get back to you 2 to 4 four business days. We also accept walk-in applicants. You can visit our headquarters at 202 South Capitol Boulevard, Boise, ID. We are excited to hear and read what you have to share.

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