About Us

About Us

Xbox Gamers started as a simple blog. Every piece of content talked about new video game releases, new consoles, new updates, basically everything new. The blog started to attract quite the number of netizens and then it became a community.

People were asking for more topics and aspects to be covered so, we decided to level things up.

Player 1 – Casey Eaton

Casey Eaton, the one who created and managed the blog is the owner and editor-in-chief of this publication. Casey grew up playing video games from the Atari to the first Play Station down to the Nintendo Switch.

But Casey’s favorite console is none other than, the mighty Xbox. He probably got like 3 Xbox Ones at home.

Casey immersed himself to several online gaming platforms as well. He is even known in the online casino and gambling community. From all of his experience, Casey decided to make Xbox Gamers a written campaign to educate and entertain.

What we cover

We cover everything gaming and even slightly related to gaming. We talk about the integration of augmented reality and online gaming. We tackle the latest DLC content for a wide selection of video games.

We even write about all the developments in online gambling and the art of making money in it. This is one of our hottest topics right now. More and more members of the Xbox Gamers community are demanding daily releases about the online gambling industry. We’ve got everything in place. So, subscribe to our online magazine today and get the latest news and updates in video gaming. Also, make sure to tell your friends about us. Happy Gaming.

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