The Most Popular Online Casino Games

The Four Most Popular Online Games In New Zealand And Much, Much More

There are many popular online casino games in New Zealand, but today we are going to focus on 4. These are the ultimate four games that 90% of all players gravitate to regardless of the other options. The following tips work well no matter which casino you use.


1) Make sure that poker is allowed and legal in your area or jurisdiction. This is one tip that some players do not pay attention to. Then, they get in trouble for playing online when you are not allowed to. Poker might be legal(overall) in New Zealand, but you might run into some areas that do not allow it. It is just something to think about.

2) Spend some time using the software. That way you know what to expect if an issue arises. Some software is easier to get used to than others.

3) Pay close attention to the welcome bonus and deposit, as well as the match. Most casinos are going to offer a 100% match up to $250(the good ones do anyway).

4) Please make sure you can deposit and withdraw without any issues. Most poker games with online casinos accept everything from Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, and e-wallets. Some casinos have more options than others. You might also have to choose a different option for withdrawals than you would with the deposit.

5) Pay close attention to the player traffic in New Zealand. You want to play Poker on a site that has good traffic value.


1) Please pay attention to the OTT(over the top) bonuses. Some bonuses can be too good to be true. Did you know that about 99% of the time, the OTT bonuses are misleading you by 100%? That is huge. The slot machines are not going to give you hundreds and thousands of dollars in cash prizes for free. There are usually strings attached if the online slot machine does. Pay serious attention to the terms and conditions of the online casino. The slot machine is setting you up for something if it does.

2) You cannot make any good choices if you do not pay attention to the paytables first. Some people like to just “wing it” and let luck guide them. That is usually when those people lose playing slots. Know what to expect by visiting the paytables before you play.

3) Understand the free spins before you use them.

4) Does the slot machine offer low RTP percent? Yeah, you might want to look for something better. Try the ones with the higher RTPs instead.


1) The rules will change the house edge. Some of the rules that work in your favor include dealer standing soft on 17, you can double after you split, the fewer decks the better chances you have, and when Blackajck pays out 3 to 2 or better. Surrender also works in your favor. Some of the things that do not work in your favor will include the dealer hitting on a soft 17, when Blackjack pays 6 to 5 or worse, and when there is no surrender. You are not going to find the perfect Blackjack game or casino site, but pick something that has more good rules(for Blackjack) than bad.

2) The side bet is not going to help you. Many players call it the “major suckage” component. Most Blackjack games that offer the side bet are designed o give the house the edge over you. Stick with things like the Royal 20s or the Royal Match.

3) Did you know that counting the card is not illegal? Players do it to change the overall house edge. The only thing that makes this illegal is when you use something else(outside of your own mind) to count the cards. Learn how to count the cards in your head before trying it.


1) In terms of the American versus European Roulette games, the European Roulette will give a better edge. Now, it might not much better, but it is better. We are not saying that you should completely disregard American Roulette, but it is good to know our chances before playing.

2) It is better to learn your way through using a virtual currency. That way you are not losing anything for real. Once you have a better grasp of the game, you can then switch to real money. Trial and error are best learned through fake money every time.

3) The single biggest difference of land-based Roulette vs online Roulette is the user experience. You get to see how other players work(up close and personal) when you are in a land-based casino as opposed to an online casino. That can serve as being a better learning experience overall, but that does not take away from the benefits of online Roulette either.

One Final Note

Always set some money aside(from your winnings) to remain in the black. That way you avoid throwing money away on a whim(which is the last thing you want to do).

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